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About me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!


 - I am a professional pole instructor and have been poling for over 10 years. I truly believe that pole is an incredibly positive and empowering form of fitness, dance and art to the 1000's of people that already do it and I would encourage anyone who hasn't tried to get booked into a class to try! 


- I have a huge passion for teaching and use the struggles I have gone through when I was learning to help others find their way a lot quicker than I did! 



-I am an XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer - teaching instructor training all over the world. (XPERT Website)


- I also teach my own workshops for a variety of levels across the UK and abroad and am so fortunate to get to meet so many amazing people. Visit my workshop page for a full breakdown. 


- I run Off The Pole Ltd - which features multiple Online Training programs, a Clothing Range and a thriving Facebook group of around 15,000 members


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Pole Theatre UK Pro Drama Winner 2015

1st place Miss Pole Dance UK 2012

1st place Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2012

2nd place World Pole Dance Doubles 2012

2nd place World Pole Sports Doubles 2012

UKPPC Elite Category Runner Up 2012

UKPPC Sponsors Choice Winner 2011

Brit Idol Finalist 2012


XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer


Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certified

Biomechanics Trainer

Movement & Mobility 101 Certified

Clinical Nutrition Certification


XPOLE Ambassador



















International Clothes Show - 2010 / 2011

BeFIT - 2012

FIBO - 2012 / 2013 /2014/2017

Rimini Wellness - 2012

Leisure Industry Week - 2013/2014/2015

Fitpro Live 2015

International Fitness Showcase (IFS 2013-2015)

Electronic Daisy Carnival - Las Vegas

with Zen Arts - 2012

Nuts Magazine

SMN Magazine 2015

League of their own - Sky 1 - Series 6 

Fitness TV - Active Channel 

Pole Convention - Los Angeles 2012

Pole Show LA - 2013

Pole Expo Las Vegas 2014/2015

Gravity 1st Fourth Edition in Mexico - 2013

The Science of Stupid - National Geographic Channel

International Pole Camp 2012

Music Video - Stone Me Sober - Marcus Bonfanti

Nowness - Film By George Harvey

Pole Expo 2015/16/17

Mountain Pole Camp 2017/2018

Gravity Arts Switzerland 2017

Pole Theatre UK Pro 

Pole Theatre World 2018

Pole Weekender 2018

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