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Pole dancing, our passion, hobby, fitness of choice, our addiction, our crystal meth!

Remember your first class? Buzzing with excitement, convinced you are pretty much already semi pro because of how good you always are drunk! Then the shock of just how hard it is... unable to change gear in the car the next day, you know that shiny chrome pole has changed your life forever. Everything bobs along nicely, new moves appear, ones you have only ever dreamt of doing. Smaller shorts come out, then the heels...

But then something sours the wine...the pole slump.

It takes many forms, hitting some harder than others.

Days where you feel you couldn't even coordinate a simple pole walk, everything pole related on Instagram makes you mad, everyone in class is doing better than you, it dawns on you that you won't be world champion (lol) you decide all your pole clothes suck!

It's got you...the pole slump has you in it's grubby paws.

Yes it's tempting to cry over your pleasers and jack it all in but you are better than that!!! I have a name is Vanessa Lukins, I am 38 year old poleslumpaholic.....I dodge class, or dodge doing anything when I'm there, throwing a discreet paddy as everyone seems to excel at machine gun, starting a synchronised machine gun display team (they aren' just feels like they are!!!) Its crappy.

Time to smell the coffee! Take a step back, remember what got you here, how awesome you are! Remember that firemans spin in beginners??? You so did that!!!!! You are AWESOME! Find you mojo again, listen to music that moves you, think about who inspires you, think about your instructor, your pole family, they're awesome right??? Well they think you're awesome too! We all bring our own soul to the pole, we are all inspired by different things, and that's what makes pole so amazing! You don't need to be a ballet dancer...circus performer...gymnast! If you wanna fling yourself it! If you wanna romance the floor...knock yourself out (not literally!) it!

For me this year I'm going to learn to be more organised.... To develop MY pole not worry about what everyone else is doing! To celebrate in words MY achievements! Note all the wonderful things I'VE achieved! Im going to look at what I want to achieve in MY own time at MY own pace! Sarah Scott's new downloads are going to help me immensely! I'm going to print them, make notes, doodle, research and learn to love the chrome again!!!!!! Hell I'm even gonna buy a ringbinder for all this!!!

So here's to my New Years resolution....defeat the pole slump!!!!!! Now where did I put those bad kitty shorts.....x

#vanessa #pole #slump #poleslumpaholic #2016 #polegoals

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