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Dairy Free Protein Brownies

Recipe I've been playing with recently - Lots of ways to customise and adapt to suit your requirements but this one in particular is very low sugar, low carb and gives you a protein boost so pretty up there for a healthy treat!

Ingredients List:

*Pre-heat oven*

- 50g protein (2 scoops)

- 1 1/2 cups warm water (can switch for warm almond milk e.g.)

- 2 big table spoons peanut butter/nut butter of choice

- 1/4 cup cocoa powder/cacao powder

- 1 table spoons almond flour or coconut flour

- 2 table spoons Erythritol/sweetener of choice

- 2 tea spoons baking powder

- Few drops Vanilla extract (your choice)

- Few drops liquid stevia (your choice)

- Spray oil for tin

1) Add the protein powder and warm water in a bowl

2) Then add the peanut butter - (I love this brand as it contains no palm oil) and mix thoroughly - the warm water will help to melt the peanut butter.

3) Then add the flour, cocoa powder, sweetener and any extra flavouring (like vanilla)

4) Spray your tin or use a baking sheet

5) Pop in the oven at a moderate temperature for around 20-40 min (timing will depend on how thick your brownies are.

6) They are ready when you can pull a knife out clean. Leave to cool before slicing (although you can totally cheat and eat warm if you can't wait...)

7) They go perfect with a Vanilla Chai tea :)

*NOTE You can add some agave to the mixture before baking if you like them a little chewier and sweeter - its all about personal taste - or you can drizzle some over the top of your finished brownies :)

The Protein I use is Genetic Vegan Protein which is very high quality AND tastes great - even with just water.

You can purchase it here:

Hope you enjoy making these and tag me if you do!

Sarah xx

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