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One of the best pole and fitness instructors I have ever met. Sarah Scott never ceases to provide me with innovative, accessible and fun training. I have attended her workshops, private lessons and been lucky enough to enjoy a hosted training day. I always learn loads from her and its stuff that endures, she gives lasting fitness advice as well as awesome pole tricks. I love her!!!
Super super highly recommended for everyone regardless of level!!! Xxx


 - Mireille Nadine Lloyd 



Sarah Scott is beautiful inside and out what a bold statement you may say, let me tell you why.
After watching Sarah perform I knew I needed to book myself into a workshop as soon as possible. On the day day I was excited & nervous in equal measures, whilst waiting at the venue I saw a poler waiting on their own and thought I'd chat to kill time.......... It was Sarah Scott. I was a little embarrassed as I hadn't recognised her, not only was Sarah lovely about it she put me right at ease. The workshop was amazing. Sarahs' teaching points and explanations are second to none. I cannot praise Sarah's demeanour enough no question was too silly or stupid, her willingness to repeat moves or repeat herself ( when needed) was so helpful to me. Sarah was very inclusive with her time and I really appreciated it, I was made to feel special and important. I cannot recommend her workshops enough. The names and explanations of her workshops are clear and concise. This is why I stand by my opening statement.

 - Carol Duffus




“Training with Sarah Scott is one of those experiences that a Poler dreams about!  She’s the ultimate powerhouse, we all know that, but her tips and techniques for a wide variety of Moves, give every Poler the chance to achieve their most challenging Moves.  From the simplest of variations for Beginner Moves to the Nemesis Moves that we’re all aiming for, Sarah’s ability to adapt to her audience, is proof of her fantastic teaching skill.


I’ve had the joy of training with Sarah on a few occasions and after my first session, I knew that she was the kind of trainer that I wanted to put in front of my own students.  She was enthusiastic, patient, understanding, knowledgable, professional and quite simply, one of the nicest trainers we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting.  She’s on our ‘Wanted’ list for more visits and I’ll be planning more personal training with her, too.  Sarah is one of the main reasons that I now ‘have’ my Handspring - how can anyone not love her for that Move alone!”


 - Karen Currie




"Sarah is fantastic, now I know most people would say that about a previous Miss Pole Dance UK Winner but she truly is in every sense of the word! Professional, kind, knowledgable and generous with this too. No task too big Sarah, jumps at the opportunity to help, guide and educate people in a safe and friendly atmosphere!

I have been lucky enough to know Sarah through her teaching for some years now and always keep my eye out for the chance of a lesson with her. Sarah has taught at my venue several times offering her vast menu of workshops and private tuition. Sarah is very well priced making it possible to fill all her classes, something not always doable.

I have trained with around 30 Internationally recognised Pole/ Aerial instructors and can say happily and honestly Sarah is in my top 3, I struggle to put those three in any order but for me she is up there with Althea Austin and Felix Cane by whom I've also been taught. So book, book, BOOK! You won't regret it.


 - Serena Smith - Dance Finesse, Clitheroe"




This year I attended my first pole expo in Las Vegas and scheduled workshops from many of the dancers we all know and follow. I was lucky enough to find myself on the waiting list for a workshop with Sarah,  who I had never heard of and was highly recommended by the expo staff.

   So far the workshops had been fun but mostly they were regular "classes", I already knew the moves I just wasnt strong enough to do them. ENTER SARAH SCOTT. Not only was she fun and exciting to be around,  she explained everything in a way that just clicked in my brain. I learned more in an hour with her than I had in months at a studio and I truly mean it,  Sarah is amazing. I highly recommend taking any and all opportunities to learn from this patient,  talented and gorgeous woman! 


 - Jessica Z. San Francisco,




I had a 2hour master class with you and it was fantastic I really enjoyed the class. You taught me different ways to do simple moves which I now teach my polers plus taught me harder moves which has helped build my strength. You made the class suitable for all levels it was brilliant :)


  - Bo X




I promised myself that 'one day' I would do a training package with my pole idol Sarah Scott and my boyfriend said 'why wait until 'one day', do it now!  Best thing I ever did.....scariest thing I ever did. ..travelling on my own from Ireland to her fab studio in the UK.  Afraid I wouldn't be the right level,  or good enough.....but I shouldn't have worried.  Sarah asks u before hand what u would like to cover and creates a training package to suit u. As a teacher who loves teaching, she picks up on your level and works to that so you maximise what u can learn and take away to work on. As I was just one person,  we got to pole, hand stand and play on the rings,  bars and ropes. Have so much love and respect for this lady xx


 - Jen Coughlan




I have done a few one day training days and workshops with Sarah and would definitely recommend to anyone considering! She's a great teacher...she has a great way of explaining and demonstrating technique for those tricky moves. I would especially recommend full day or more training packages - you can tailor you training to what you want and you learn so much in a day it's well worth every penny :)


 - Priya Pandya




I've trained with Sarah twice as part of her training packages and also attended her workshops in general at other studios. On all occasions I've left totally buzzing and inspired! Not only is Sarah a great performer but she is an amazing teacher, she breaks moves down so well that it's hard not to get the move. Her patience, enthusiasm and experience makes me feel like I'm in safe hands. Her advice is perfection and she has enabled me to pole out my comfort zone.  She inspired my last routine, which I think was my best one to date. Whether it's a few hours or a few days with Sarah, you'll take away so much more than you ever anticipated. Thank you for being a role model in every way! I look forward to learning so much more with you... Bring on the next training day! 


 - Gemini Gohil 




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